Not all corgis spend their lives in their first homes. For many reasons, corgis can be turned into shelters.A death in the family or change of circumstances can make it necessary to part with a pet. They can also be lost, abandoned or removed from abusive situations by local officials. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue League, Inc., works with the local animal shelters, humane societies and individuals to find appropriate homes for these little guys. Each rescue is examined by a vet, evaluated and placed in a foster home until he/she can be matched with a family. The prospective new owners are interviewed and screened to insure a good match between corgi and owner.  All rescue corgis are spayed/neutered before placement. All members of the Rescue League are also members of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Greater Atlanta. The PWCCGA members assist and support the PWCRL whenever possible. If you are interested in giving a home to a rescue please contact Jody Allgood or call her at 404/233/6735.  You can also check the rescue organizations of other regional Corgi Clubs by visiting the affiliate clubs page of The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America at

Downloadable Rescue Forms: Information Sheet ~ Application Form